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Jason Mulligan is a contemporary sculptor specialising in stone and is based in Kent.

His first trip to the marble quarries of Carrara in Italy was in 1996 and the impression he left with regarding stone carving has stayed with him ever since.

Jason's direct approach to carving and his interest in the use of stone as a material has remained a necessary grounding in his search for form.

A whole series of subjects are at play within his work, including ‘recognition’, ‘looking’ and ‘speculation’, which are common in both archaeology and in art, whether new or ancient.

His small hand held works recall some past primeval state, while the larger naturalistic works cause the viewer to examine their surroundings more closely and view them with new eyes. 

Jason's work is held in collections in USA, Canada, Norway, Europe and the UK. He exhibits in both group and solo exhibitions with a variety of larger public works on display throughout the UK and Eire.

Jason was elected a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors in 2008.


Photo Credit Robert Greshoff

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